"Number 19" is episode 5 of the first season of GNF. In this episode, we learn all about the number nineteen where Chef 19 welcomes the viewer to his number nineteen kitchen. Chef nineteen gives us the guided tour counting to 19 with nineteen cookies, nineteen grapefruits, nineteen fish in his fish tank, nineteen hamburgers, and nineteen potatoes. He hears the ring ring and goes to his oven and the thing to come out is his number nineteen pizza. The chef shows the viewer and asks how many pepperonis on his pizza. He says to the viewer "Count them with me." Sure enough, there are nineteen pepperonis. The 19 pepperonis even move into the shape of the number 19. Chef 19 even shows the viewer to 19 number 19 cookies. He gets his dough out and counts to 19 while he waits for the viewer to make their dough. The chef makes his cookies and tells the viewer to get their rolling pins and count to nineteen as he gets his rolling pin and rolls the dough. Does the same as he gets a cookie cutter and tells the viewer to count 19 cookies. After that, he puts them in the oven for 19 minutes and counts to 19. After that the chef gets the cookies out of the oven, puts them on a plate as he counts them and gets out frosting and dark blue icing. He frosts and decorates all 19 cookies and has the viewer help him count them. After all 19 cookies are done, he shows the viewer the cookies and counts them too and then says "And that's how you make 19 number 19 cookies."

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