This is my TV show Gabinator's Number Fun 0-20. It teaches kids their numbers from Zero to Twenty. It has Me, A numberator , and 21 Numbered Ball friends called Numballs . Each episode focuses on one number and that means the numberator chooses the number for that day.

These are what the numballs look like.

Numball Family
Gender Number Color
Male 0 Green
Male 1 Pink
Female 2 Yellow
Male 3 Orange
Female 4 Red
Female 5 Purple
Male 6 Green
Male 7 Dark Blue
Female 8 Red
Male 9 Light Blue
Female 10 Yellow
Male 11 Green
Female 12 Orange
Male 13 Dark Blue
Female 14 Pink
Male 15 Green
Female 16 Purple
Female 17 Yellow
Male 18 Light Blue
Male 19 Dark Blue
Female 20 Red
Gabinator's number fun (Comming soon)

Coming soon

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